Sildenafil Prescription Discount Card FAQs

+How do I get a Sildenafil prescription card?
You can print a card directly through a printer or we can email it to you.
+I just received my Sildenafil prescription card. Can I use it rightnow?
Yes, you can use your card immediately. Just present your Sildenafil prescription at a participating pharmacy to get your medications at discounted prices.
+Does everyone in my family need an individual card?
No. You can use one card for each member of your family. However, you can print individual cards.
+Can I use my Sildenafil coupon with my current insurance to get a discount on medications?
No, you can’t use Sildenafil coupon with other insurance. However, you can use Sildenafil prescription card to buy medications that your insurance doesn’t cover.
+Who can use Sildenafil card?
Everyone can use the Sildenafil Discount Card to receive a discount at U.S. pharmacies whether the person is a citizen or not.
+Which prescription medications are covered by Sildenafil prescription card?
All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are eligible to be considered for a discount. You can get an average discount of 16% on brand medications and 55% on generic medications.
+Is there an expiration date of Sildenafil card?
No, there is no expiration date or limit on usage of for the Sildenafil card. Any individual can use the card without any restriction. The same card can be used for the whole household again and again.
+How much do I save with Sildenafil prescription card?
The Sildenafil card offers an average discount of 16% on brand medications and 55% on generic medications. The card is accepted at more than 60,000 pharmacies across the US. Please note that the card doesn’t offer any discount on already discounted medications.
+How much does this program cost me?
This program is completely free and is available to everyone – no exceptions! You don’t need to sign up or pay any application fee to get the Sildenafil discount card. Our free card is made possible through the support of our participating pharmacies.

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