Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction – Physical & Psychological

Erectile dysfunction is quite common in men. It occurs due to physical as well as psychological health issues. Erectile dysfunction is an issue in which a man may experience difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection sufficient for intercourse.

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Physical Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Do you know, 90% of the men experience ED issues due to any physical cause? This physical cause decreases the blood flow to the penis, which eventually makes it difficult for men to achieve and maintain the erection.  However, difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection is a sign of suffering from vascular problems, including heart disease.

The various physical causes of erectile dysfunction are:-

1. Cardiovascular diseases such as Coronary artery disease, Arrhythmia, Stroke, and Cardiac arrest etc.

2. High cholesterol

3. Excessive alcohol

4. Cigarette smoking ( narrows the blood vessels leading to the penis)

5. Prescription medications, such as blood pressure and cardiovascular medications, some tranquilizers and antidepressants

6. Diabetes (Approx. 60% of diabetic men experience erection problems at some point)

7. Radiation therapy to treat prostate or rectal cancer

8. Spinal surgery

9. Pelvic surgery (colon, bladder, rectal)

10. Radical prostate cancer surgery (60% of the men suffer from ED issues after radical prostatectomy)

11. Trauma to the pelvic area due to any accident

12. Hormone imbalance

13. Drug abuse

14. Neurological disease, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis

15. Low back pain, and more

Psychological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Psychological issues contributing to ED aren’t easy to detect, diagnose, and treat. The most common psychological causes for ED include the following:-

1. Depression (90% of the men with depression experience erectile dysfunction from moderate to severe level)

2. Stress (Sometimes stress can affect your ability to achieve and maintain sexual performance)

3. Anxiety (Anxiety can cause increased heart rate, blood pressure issues, and fatigue. This, in turn, can affect your sexual performance)

4. Disorders of sexual intimacy, such as fear of intimacy, lack of arousal and difficulty with orgasm are all genuine psychosexual problems. They may be triggered by hormonal problems, past history, pain during sex, or ejaculation problems.

5. Relationship trouble ( Poor communication, arguments, and anger can affect your sexual desire and sexual function)

6. Fear of sexual dysfunction (The first time you experience ED, you may become worried that you’ll never regain normal sexual function, leading to fear or low self-esteem. These feelings may affect your ability to achieve an erection during your next sexual encounter.)

Moreover, erectile dysfunction can occur due to emotional issues too – from grief at the loss of a partner, unhappiness, or sexual boredom. Sometimes, the problem may be more deep-seated, such as issues with sexual abuse, or doubts and questions over your sexual orientation. If you experience any of these factors, it’s recommended to talk to your doctor. Your doctor may recommend you Sildenafil drug to treat erectile dysfunction issues.

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